Developing a Parcel

Learn about permitted uses, water and waste information and more.

Lookup a Town Parcel Property Card:

Property cards contain useful information such as Land Use Class, School District, Water and Waste information and more.

  1. Aquire Address of Parcel
  2. Visit Dutchess County Parcel Access
  3. Select “Parcel Mapping”
  4. Select the “Address” tab, enter the Address and select "Go"
  5. Select the Parcel of interest
  6. Select “Full Property Card”

View Town Code:

Town Zoning Code outlines what uses are permitted on certain parcels. Common Zoning questions can be answered by viewing Town Code Chapter 145 Zoning.

More specifically, Chapter 145 Article III – Land Use District Regulations outlines:

  • Allowable Uses
  • Density and Dimensional Regulations
  • Multiple and Accessory Dwellings